Mohamed Zaky

BSc., MSc

PhD Student

New Zealand Brain Research Institute, Christchurch

PhD Student

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Canterbury, Christchurch

In March 2018, Mohamed Zaky joined NeuroTech and NZBRI to pursue his PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of Canterbury.  He is based at NZBRI and supervised by Richard Jones and Reza Shoorangiz. 

Mohamed's project is titled "Physiological biomarkers and mechanisms in the brain of lost-attention lapses".  A lost-attention lapse ( (LAL) is a lapse in which there is a loss of conscious attentional focus but with no loss of consciousness (e.g., LALs include ‘mind-blanks’ and ‘auto-pilots’).  Mohamed will be looking at both behavioural and physiological characteristics of LALs, as well as aiming to investigate their mechanisms in the brain.  At least initially, this will involve looking at LALs identified in several of our past studies, especially those in which have behavioural data (2-D visuomotor tracking and eye-video) and physiological data (multi-channel EEG and/or fMRI) have been recorded.  This research will improve our understanding of LALs and, ultimately, may help towards reducing the incidence of LALs - and subsequent fatal accidents - in critical occupations.